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Feral State

Feral State (2021)

No Nudity

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If ever there was a state in the good old U.S. of A. that could aptly be referred to as the Feral State, it's gotta be Florida!  While lucky for us, director Jon Carlo captured the essence of the Sunshine State with this 2020 thriller that you can almost feel the humidity while watching.  The story follows a group of outcasts, runaways, and misfits from the backwoods falling prey to a charismatic father figure, they all so desperately crave in their lives.  With his religious fervor, ability to scare and manipulate them, Mack Monroe (Ronnie Gene Blevins) has created a cottage industry of homegrown and loyal criminals.  He pimps out Lexi (Sif Saga) around town to the locals who have money, he's got a trio of young guys who are stick-up men, robbing liquor stores and meth labs on a daily basis.  Everything is about to change for them though when a young foster girl gets in their way on a robbery and they take her in, getting the local PD's Detective Ellis (AnnaLynne McCord) sniffing around their operation.  Little do they know though, Detective Ellis has actually been having relations with Lexi for quite some time and wants her to quit her life as a sex worker and run away with her!  Needless to say, calamity is afoot as paths cross and crimes go horribly wrong in the panhandle of the old Redneck Riviera.  Lucky for us, fashion model and newbie to the silver screen, Sif Saga shows plenty of skin in this one and even makes out with the always sexy AnnaLynne McCord in a scene that'll likely put you in a "fugue state" at least!