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Midnight Blue (1996)

Great Nudity!

In Midight Blue (1996), banker Damian Chapa goes and gets himself fixated on trick-turner Annabel Schofield, the so-fine mamsel who tickled his fancy one fateful night in New Orleans. All he can think about are Anna's bells—and he knows he can no longer consider commitment to Jennifer Jostyn, his loyal lady friend who just doesn't send him around the bend the way Anna can. Then Anna vanishes, and Damian hires private dick Dean Stockwell to stalk the streets in search of his lost skirt. Poor Dean ends up unconscious for his efforts, beaten up for getting too close to a mystery. Meanwhile, Damian starts a new job and then realizes with a start that his boss's wife is a dead ringer for Anna. Convinced she and his for-hire hussy are one and the same, Damian finds himself drawn into a Hitchcockian conundrum—millions go missing from the bank, he's framed for murder, and identities unravel all over the place. Plus, the great character actor Harry Dean Stanton shows his face!


Annabel Schofield

Nude - as Martine / Georginabreasts

2 Pics
Shelley Michelle

Nude - as Body Doublebutt

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