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Madregilda (1993)

Brief Nudity


Madregilda (1993) is a Spanish film about an innocent young wide eyed optimistic man who joins General Franco's regime in the early 40s during its most war-torn era. Slowly over time, this man transforms into a brutal monster who no longer looks at the world in a hopeful way, giving in to his basest desires and murdering the mother (Barbara Auer) of his son. There is then an alternate storyline that follows her life if she hadn't died.  As part of this alternate storyline, we get a nice long scene with Barbara Auer baring her left lobber as she drops one side of her red nightie down to reveal it, squeezing it for a guy's enjoyment. This is the one bright spot in an otherwise hopeless film, and Barbara's beautiful breast more than makes up for all the misery and suffering the film puts the audience through.This is one Spanish siren who'll seduce the seed right out of you!