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Bomba de relojería

Bomba de relojería (1998)

Brief Nudity


Bomba de relojeria (1998), or Time Bomb, is a Spanish thriller about a seemingly normal family that discovers a dark secret. Following a botched robbery, two shady characters show up at the home seeking refuge, and though the family attempts to turn them away, it is revealed that they work for the father who is actually, unbeknownst to his family, a notorious crime boss. Now with two fugitives in their home and a father who has been lying to them, the family begins to wonder who they can trust. The seductive Eva Santolaria appears in the film as the daughter and in one salacious scene, she gets assaulted by one of the criminals. We mostly get to peep her peepers through a wet yellow shirt, though we do get to see them uncovered in a later scene in the shower. There's also a nice look between her legs at her white panties, meaning that by now, there's also a ticking Time Bomb in your pants!