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Lust for Freedom

Lust for Freedom (1987)

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Melanie Coll plays an undercover cop who’s framed on a trumped-up drug charge, and lands in a women’s prison--with all the promise of that scenario fulfilled--in Lust for Freedom (1987). All those scenarios? Oh yes, women are going to free-dem titties in this one! The plot's pretty much the same as all the other women in prison flicks. Melanie is Gillian Kaites, a cop who ends up framed for a crime she didn't commit and put in a Hellish, all women's prison. Being locked up with a ton of busty, badass babes in desperate need of dick might be Mr. Skin's idea of Heaven, but for her it's Hellish. But since she's not the only not guilty gal in lockup, soon enough Gillian's assembled a crew of convicts looking to come up with an escape plan. That is, if they can stop exploring each other's crevices and get to digging a tunnel. You can't wank to Shawshank, so this one just might have a leg up on other prison movies thanks to some leggy blondes and brunettes. While Melanie doesn’t shed her mortal Coll, there are plenty of pretties who do, such as Crystal Breeze, who gets les-be-friendly with Michelle Bauer in a girl on girl scene that lets us see every bit of both those babes, crystal clearly. Amy Lyndon flashes her pair in a car and Adrian Scott makes her nude debut and sole skin onscreen in a muff-see movie moment. But the best nudity in the film comes from Pamela Gilbert in a role simply known as "Snuff Girl." She's passed out naked on the bed, and we see Pam's vag and mams. Snuff’s enough. Feel free to bust to Lust for Freedom!