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Nobody knew who Stella Rocha was when she hit the red carpet for the premiere of her erotic arthouse flick, Love 3D (2015). But after seeing the trans beauty from Brazil teasing in a see through dress that left her flashing us with every camera flash, few have been able to forget her. Stella got her start in the Parisian cinema scene, making her screen debut in 2004's L'ex-femme de ma vie (2004), a comedy about a novelist dealing with a nightmare of an ex-wife. Her work was sporadic in the mid to late 2000's, playing Esmerelda in two episodes of Love in Paris and landing a small role in Take-Away Romance (2014). But Stella came to our attention in 2015 with her role in Gaspar Noe's Love 3D. It's an extremely erotic arthouse film about a film student whose ménage a trois end with a girl pregnant and her planning on having the baby. Wah, wah, don't cry about it. We'd chase junior around for eighteen years for one night of that action! Stella Rocha is the third wheel that needs greasing, who accompanies Aomi Muyock home to give Aomi's boyfriend the gift of a threesome. Stella looks amazing naked, showing off some terrific ta-tas and a pair of black panties that hug her cheeks and traces her crack before she prepares for the uno, dos, tres. If that sounds tame, you should know the film is chock full of unsimulated sex you can view in every dimension. Stella moved on to Santa & Cie (2017) the story of what happens when Santa's elves all get sick, but most recently she got back to the kind of stuff we like to see her in, when she landed a role in Lara a Escort Story (2021). Hopefully she escorts her panties to the ground, and we get to watch a lucky fella rail Stella.