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Lewis and Clark and George

Lewis and Clark and George (1997)

Great Nudity!

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Convicted murderer Lewis breaks out of prison with his geeky friend Clark, and the two bad boys head for New Mexico. They're searching for a map to a gold mine that they heard about in prison. But this ain't your daddy's buddy pic. Clark hates Lewis, and Lewis only keeps Clark around because he needs help reading maps. After a while, Clark leaves Lewis and tries to hitch a ride. Enter George, played by Rose McGowan, a hottie who spends the film doing a dead-on Marcel Marceau impression. George is on the lam with $10,000 from a drug scam, and she picks up Clark in her stolen car. The plot twists and turns as much as the road once the three band together to search for the gold. Can you believe everyone wants to sleep with Rose?