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Lake Fear 2: The Swamp

Lake Fear 2: The Swamp (2016)

Great Nudity!

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Lake Fear 2: The Swamp (2016) takes us to spring break in Florida, where a bunch of horny tourists are looking for a good time. But since the beach, boobs and booze thing is played out (is it, though?), they decide they'll check out the Everglades instead. But when their fan boat captain dies, the gang has to seek refuge at a seemingly abandoned cabin in the swamp. As is horror tradition, this is a terrible idea and soon enough our spring breakers are being murdered by machete wielding psychopaths. See you later, alligator. Being sliced apart by some backwoods Everglades swamp mutants? Worst spring break ever! They may take an untraditional vacation, but these girls make sure to go wild just the same! Our spring break sexpots start getting us sprung with Jordan Gaddy who looks amazing in a bikini, and even better when she takes it off for the camera while her friends document the trip! The gorgeous Elissa George also looks amazing in her beachwear. Don't worry, we also get to see her bare boobage both when she dominates a wet tee shirt contest and lets her boyfriend play with those boobs! Is that a python in your pants or have the invasive serpents taken over the glades completely? Lauren Ashleigh doesn't need to compete in a battle of wet teats. Instead we just watch her towel those tatas off with a towel as she complains about her boyfriend. Mr. Skin will lick that liquid off you! Babe-a-licious Brenda Osorno is beautiful in her bikini, but we don't get bush or breasts from her. What a shame, she belongs in a porno! We do get full on nudity from the sexy Sydney Ray and an incredible shot of Camisha Luellen showing off her booty. Lake Fear 2: The Swamp was such a fun, sex filled romp until the kiling began!