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Party Bus To Hell

Party Bus To Hell (2018)

Great Nudity!

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Party Bus To Hell (2017) takes place on - wouldn't you know it? - a party bus. When a bus filled with sexy co-eds on its way to Burning Man gets stranded in the middle of the desert, a Satanic cult crosses paths with them and invokes demons from hell. Now it's up to these chill, sexy bus riders to survive. This bus is seriously sexy, too, because it has partygoers like Stefani Blake who dances topless on the bus' stripper pole. We want to give Selena D. the D after watching her swing around a pole in an open jacket, but sadly Selena is an early victim of the Satanic cult. Shelby McCullough gets tormented by the cult during a nightmare where she is being eaten out by a monster. Eek! We love her monster cleave, though. Devanny Pinn gets pinned down by a mummy and her bikini top is slipped off. A witness decides instead of saving her to take photos. Hey, we can't blame her. Those round chesticles are amazing. The cult is made up of some seriously sexy Satanic babes, too. We're talking about the heavenly Jenevieve Hexxx who can put a spell on us with her jumbo yum yums. Nailya Shakirova similarly gets sexy in a studded bra that lifts her bosom for major cleavage. Finally, Sadie Katz becomes possessed by demons, forcing her to strip naked and show off her tattooed skin. We're on board for anything that possesses people to become naked!