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Among the Shadows

Among the Shadows (2019)

Great Nudity!

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Among the Shadows (2019) is a sexy thriller about a private investigator Kristy Wolfe (Charlotte Beckett) who has to solve the murder of her uncle, but must also keep her family secret: that she is from a long line of werewolves. She can keep her secret, but can she hide her yabos from the camera? To complicate matters First Lady Patricia Sherman (Lindsay Lohan) wants to hire Kristy to protect her presidential husband. What other mysteries abound in this campy horror thriller? Well, Charlotte Beckett keeps plenty mysterious as she rides her man in a scene, but we see her right boob. However, it's her body double. Thwarted again by Beckett's boobs! Don't worry because we do see Gaelle Gillis' goods when she shows her smooth bush and boobs. Even in shadows, we can see her sexy body!