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Joy Ride

Joy Ride (2023)

Brief Nudity

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We’re first introduced to Audrey as a little girl in 1998, when the parents who adopted her from China as a baby meet the young Asian-American Lolo and her parents at a park. The two become besties though Audrey (Ashley Park) is a straight-laced honor student who becomes a lawyer, and Lolo (Sherry Cola) is a foul-mouthed artist who paints and sculpts genitals. Audrey is sent by her firm to China to close a big deal with a partying CEO played by Daily Show correspondent Ronny Chieng, and brings Lolo, her college roomie Kat who’s now a big time actress (Stephanie Hsu) , and Lolo’s awkward cousin Dead-Eye (Sabrina Wu) along with. But the businessman only agrees to sign off when Lolo lies and says Audrey is close to her birth mother (who she’s actually never met) and will bring her to his Mom’s birthday party. The foursome embark on a trip to find Audrey’s mom, and in true road trip movie fashion, everything goes wrong, They get kicked off the train when they end up sharing a cabin with a drug dealer, they get rescued by a basketball team only to injure several players during a some intense sex play (and one amateur dance off) , and then have to impersonate a curvy K-Pop group to get to their destination. Ashley lets loose during a threeway but keeps mostly covered, while Stephanie teams up with body double Felicia Andolong for a close up look at Kat’s caboose and tattooed chocha that’ll bring you joy every time you watch!