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Jana und Jan

Jana und Jan (1992)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


A feisty seventeen-year-old vows to teach an inexperienced boy about the birds and the bees in the erotically tinged coming-of-age story Jana und Jan (1992). After East German teenager Jana (Kristin Scheffer) tells her friends that she has plans to show the orphaned Jan (René Guß) around the bedroom, she busies herself with the process of seducing the easily charmed pariah. Their overt flirtation is interrupted, however, by historical events as the Berlin Wall crashes down and their isolated world begins to change. Scheffer’s just old enough to get away with flashing some nubile skin during an unforgettable shower scene, while blossoming co-star Corinna Stockmann similarly cuts loose with some dormitory shenanigans.