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Infamous (2020)

No Nudity

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Infamous (2020) is like Bonnie and Clyde meets Instagram in this colorful, thrilling action film from writer and director Joshua Caldwell. This criminal couple has a modern twist because these two are Instagram famous, followed by millions, as they go on a cross-country heist robbing banks and fighting back against cops who come after them. Bella Thorne played Arielle who is a bad girl who was always intent on being famous no matter what the cost. She dreams of bigger things than sticking around her small Florida town, so when she meets a hot new guy whom she can commit crimes with she sees it as her opportunity to be something more: a professional and famous criminal. That's her ticket to fame right there! She creates an Instagram account to detail their crimes even though her boyfriend warns her against that because it might get them caught. She doesn't care! She'd rather have fame and followers than settle down or commit quiet crimes. Beautiful Bella Thorne plays Ariella who becomes Infamous for the several sexy looks she has throughout the movie. While she never goes nude, she does sport impressive cleavage in a blue bra and again in a red lace bra that she wears underneath an open shirt. She also wears booty shorts in one scene that show off her lean, tan thighs from behind. We see her stands tall and just barely concealing her booty. If she would only take her shorts off, then her buns would be infamous!