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I Hate Suzie

I Hate Suzie (2020-2022)

No Nudity

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The stunning Billie Piper never really shied away from nudity in her career, so it would make perfect sense for her newest project to parallel parts of her real life a bit.  Billie plays the similarly naked Suzie Pickles, whose rise to stardom is shockingly similar to her own real life rise to Billie Piper-dom.  Suzie started off being a popstar, then ventured into the world of acting, did some scandalous stuff, divorces, made tabloids, etc.  Well, so did Billie...  So the series hits home quite a bit for the star, producer, and writer herself.  In this stylized version, the big departure versus the real life version is that Suzie Pickles ends up having her phone hacked and has some VERY intimate images leaked all over the internet ala "The Fappening" or pretty much any nude celeb phone hack over the last several years.  The big problem for Suzie though, is that the happily married actress and mother is rebuilding her career with a Disney gig and popular TV series, but these images are bound to damage those business prospects.  The other problem with these photos surfacing for her off camera life, is that there is a penis in them too... More importantly a penis that is NOT her husband's.  So these leaked images are damaging pretty much every aspect of her life as Suzie goes through all the classic stages of grief and along the way, learns more about herself and what kind of person she truly is.  Turns out "I Hate Suzie" is something she likely mutters to herself in the mirror more than she hears from her fans!  The lead Billie Piper shows some mild skin, but no real nudity, and her agent/best friend Leila Farzad has a one night stand with Margaret Ann Bain, but there is far less nudity than one would expect from an HBO series about a celeb naught picture hack!