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Claire Danes is a CIA operative on the tail of a double agent in the Showtime original series Homeland. An American adaptation of a hit Israeli TV show, Claire is Carrie Mathison, a plays by her own rules CIA officer who is assigned to comeback to the USA after going rogue in Iraq. One of her sources tells Carrie that an American prisoner of war has been turned by Al-Qaeda, just before her boss calls her in for an emergency briefing. It ends up, Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), who has been MIA since 2003, has just been rescued from a terrorist's compound. What are the odds? Carrie is pretty certain Nicholas is her mole, but with the nation praising him as a war hero, the only person she can trust with her suspicions is fellow agent Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin). That's the basic plot of the show, although since it lasted eight seasons it had to branch out into vice presidential runs, hard time in Russian prisons, working as a security guard for a German billionaire, and tons of other plotlines that deviated from the show's original premise. Luckily, even if things changed a lot over the years, there were plenty of lovely ladies to spy on in this spy show. Morena Baccarin bares some awesome rackarin as she welcomes her hubby home from Iraq with a sweaty flesh session. Thank you for your servicing! Wish we got welcomed home like the fellas in HomelandMelissa Benoist had us moist when she made a fantastic nude debut by posing topless in her panties during the second episode. And Morgan Saylor flashed boobage really quickly as a dude got ready to nail her. As for the non-nude stuff, Emily Walker stripped down to her undies to show what a real busty broad looks like, Anna Herrmann was stunning in her bra and panties as a Russian cam girl, and whoever Brianna Brown's body double was looked great too. But what'll really stain your Hanes was the stuff from Claire Danes. Most of it is underwear, but we do see her ass while riding her man. We've got a good home for those buns! Homeland will give you a bone, man.