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Carnival Row

Carnival Row (2019-)

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If we told you Cara Delevingne showed how a topless fairy can use her wings to aid her ride aboard Orlando Bloom's broomstick, we bet you'd book a front row seat to see Carnival Row! Amazon Prime's fantasy series debuted in 2019, then took four years to debut its second season, but it was well worth the wait. On the show, humans and fae aka fairies went to war with each other, with the humans winning and the fae refugees finding themselves living among the humans soon after. Most are poor workers or indentured servants, which isn't helped by some of them looking like hot humans but with wings, and others being weird horned creatures. Unsurprisingly, humans aren't all that excited about the new immigrants they just went to war with living among them, but things get even worse when people start dying and humans are convinced it's the fae's fault. With the world on the brink of boiling over into all sorts of violence, it's up to Victorian detective Rycroft "Philo" Philostrate (Orlando Bloom) to figure out who is really doing the killing to keep the fragile peace. Cara is the star of the show, for sure. She plays Orlando's ex-lover, who he hooks up with to figure out what's going on, and in the process starts hooking up with again. On top of her hooters bouncing as she rides on top, we get to see boobs from all sorts of beautiful babes. Karla Crome goes topless as she does the wings out cowgirl thing. These "Pix" are amazing at riding dicks! Add to that Maeve Dermody showing dem mams while taking it from behind, Tamzin Merchant showing tatas and tail while sleeping naked, Erika Starkova displaying bush as a dead body, and more, and you'll see why Carnival Row is a carnival of carnal sensations!