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High Life

High Life (2018)

Great Nudity!

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If you’re looking to get stoned while watching High Life (2018), you’ll be disappointed since this science fiction flick isn’t about smoking weed. But if you’re looking to get rock hard, the film’s nude scenes may be just the thing you need! The skinternational epic from Claire Denis is a joint (there’s that marijuana reference again) production from France, Germany, Poland, and the United Kingdom. The R rated horror film follows a father who is trying to raise his daughter in space (which proves to be a great hiding place from experiments on humans). The plot is kind of complicated so all you really have to know is there are sexy scenes. In one, a topless Boyse (Mia Goth) realizes she is lactating a lot when she sees streams of milk pouring all over her perky pair and red hair. Her friend Mink (Claire Tran) tries to comfort her but in space, no one can hear you cream! The film also features Robert Pattinson, Agata Buzek, André Benjamin, and nearly every inch of Juliette Binoche’s skin! As Dr. Dibs, the French tart has some fun when she puts a black condom on a sex machine. Once she climbs aboard, we are treated to views of her bare boobs, butt, and pubes. Actually, she’s really wearing a merkin. Even so, the sight is enough to get you jerkin’! We’re not sure how this film did worldwide, but here in the States it has Mr. Skin yanking all the way to the spank bank!