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Goodbye, Butterfly

Goodbye, Butterfly (2021)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


What wouldn't a father do for his daughter, right?  They say a dad's love knows no bounds, so when Mia Olsen ends up kidnapped and her little body is found murdered in the woods, her dad Ryan Olsen (Adam Donshik) doesn't know what to do.  He thinks that justice will be served the good old fashioned way, with the police turning over every stone, gather evidence, and catching the culprit who hurt his "Butterfly".  When the coppers can't find any tangible leads, forensic evidence, or even any clues to who killed Mia, the Olsen's fall to pieces.  Ryan's wife leaves him and is crushed by the sadness of losing her child, blaming him in the process, and he can't seem to change his mind off of the one motivation in his life... Vengeance!  Ryan decides to take matters into his own hands when he suspects that a creepy neighbor might be the killer, so he enlists the help of his ex-con buddy to help him out.  Ryan starts by snooping on the shy neighbor who keeps to himself, then breaks into his place, then gets a gun, then decides he has his man and needs to kidnap him to extract a confession for closure!  Once his "bad guy" is tied to a chair though, he begins to realize that his paranoia and sleuthing might have lead him to the wrong man... Or is he?  Either way, this wayward father has crossed too many lines to figure out what is right and wrong, let alone who is telling him the truth any more!  This is a somewhat skinless indie flick, but his ex-con buddy has a lady friend over and we get to see the stunning Ashley Caramagno's buns on full display in one scene!