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Further Tales of the City

Further Tales of the City

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The Showtime mini-series Further Tales of the City is based on the third book by chronicler of life in San Francisco, Armistead Maupin. The first was 1993's Tales of the City, which aired on PBS and revolved around Laura Linney's Mary Ann Singleton deciding to stick around San Fran as a fulltime resident, back in 1977. In 1998, More Tales of the City was released, furthering the tale of Mary Ann's life in the super gay Bay area. And while PBS bailed due to the controversy about all the gay stuff being on government funded TV, in 2001 we got Further Tales of the City. Now, it's the 80s and the gaggle of friends living at 28 Barbary Lane are dealing with life in a whole new decade. Mary Ann works on TV, and is dating Brian (Whip Hubley). Michael (Paul Hopkins) dumped John (Billy Campbell) but isn't sure if he made the right decision. And Anna Madrigal (Olympia Dukakis) is still sharp as a whip and dispensing her unique brand of age derived wisdom. Since the show deals with the sexual escapades of a group of straight, gay, and bisexual San Franciscans in the ’80s, there’s plenty of sexual content, and even some nudity by female stars Laura Linney and Sara Bradeen. Miss Bradeen goes no bra in a scene that'll pleasure your peen! Yes, she's at the movies, and all of a sudden she decides to spice things up by opening her shirt and flashing her top notch titties to the fella sitting next to her. What a show! Laura, on the other hand shows that shows boobs and bush while getting into a sensory deprivation tank, then flashes rack again while getting out of bed and getting back in it, to get it in! If only the gays of Frisco gave up the dude on dude disco and realized their city is full of babes with great titties! Mr. Skin might move to that city and clean up on West Coast kitty! Watch for the 2019 fourth installment of the series Netflix aired, if you care about the plot. We don't, though. We just wish we could get a piece of tail like the women in Further Tales of the City