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Choke (2008)

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Based on an outrageous novel by cult author Chuck Palahniuk, Choke (2008) stars Sam Rockwell as Victor Mancini, a sex addict and Colonial-theme-park performer who cons wealthy restaurant patrons out of cash by pretending to choke on their food. It's a living. He's also a sex addict who likes to attend sex addict recovery meetings, exclusively to find horny women. Not the worst idea to get your D rode! But he's not a total D-bag. Victor uses the money to pay for his Alzheimer's riddled mother’s medical care, until an insanely hot doctor (Kelly MacDonald) tells him about a new treatment for his mom, that requires Victor to put a baby in the doc's belly so they can take advantage of the stem cells in the kid's umbilical chord. But while our historical reenactor tries to become a dad himself, only to keep choking under the pressure, he learns some hard truths about his dad that change the way he sees the world. Since the Fight Club (1999) author has a weird love of recovery groups in his novels, along the way, Victor comes (hard) across a number of foxy recovering females while working on his sex addiction. At one point, he fantasizes about Bijou Phillips' body, and we see three different body double's version of her tits, starting small before growing good and large. We'd love to get laid with any version, no need for the size upgrade! Gillian Jacobs' jugs make an appearance while she strips, as is her chosen profession. But if you want to see some top notch riding, from a topless, ass out, amazing female, you'll want to watch as Paz de la Huerta rides him on the floor of the sex addicts anonymous meeting. He tries to think of baseball, but that trick doesn't work with your dick balls deep inside a woman like that! He even rails an ultra-MILFy Alice Barrett in a porta potty. She's got a great pair! We'd deal with the stink to have her on our dink! With women like that, Choke will have you choking your chicken.