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Fire Over Afghanistan

Fire Over Afghanistan (2003)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Fans of the classic 80s TV show Hunter will be happy to know that series star Fred Dryer did manage to make a few films in the new millennium, most notably Fire Over Afghanistan (2003)! The film centers on Jeff Walker (Jeff Stearns) an army captain and black hawk helicopter pilot who spends his days patrolling the titular country's war zone in his chopper, making runs and rescue missions that no other trained pilots would dare. His superior Col. Collins (Fred Dryer) thinks that while Walker is obviously a talented pilot, he's also too much of a risk taker and that's bound to get him in trouble eventually. When Walker agrees to take an ambitious photojournalist named Kris Andrews (Jordan Bayne) into the heart of the conflict so she can get some Pulitzer worthy photos of the war, the copter is shot down and the two now find themselves behind enemy lines—guess that title was already taken. When a vicious warlord and his crew of men get their hands on Andrews and take her hostage, Walker must now track her down and get her out alive, but that's going to be easier said than done. The nudity in this flick is a real double edged sword type of situation. Yes, you get to see the gorgeous Jordan Bayne's breasts and super hairy bush, however, it's during a gross assault scene where the warlord's men use a gun to do some pretty horrible things to her that, frankly, shouldn't really be happening in a movie of this caliber. Nevertheless, you can't deny that Bayne's body is banging!