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Female Vampire

Female Vampire (1973)

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Lina Romay sinks her teeth into the lead role in Jesus Franco’s Female Vampire (1973), an erotic horror movie with razor-sharp incisors. Since it's also known as "The Bare-Breasted Countess," obviously, you can count us in! Romay plays Countess Irina Karlstein, a beautiful but mute bloodsucker who preys on the men who gallop past her mist-enshrouded hillside abode on Madeira Island, Portugal. But since the slaughtering has led to all sorts of attention heading her way, soon enough the journalist Anna (Anna Watican) is headed to Irina's house to get the scoop. But since an interview with the vampire's not going to happen, since Irene can't speak, soon enough the two are conversing via body language. In true Franco fashion, the film gets maximum erotic mileage out of its more tantalizing than terrifying set-up; Romay and co-star Monica Swinn are apparently locked in a mortal battle to find out who can show off the most tantalizing skin in between bursts of bloodthirsty depravity. Monica might not win, but we do get to watch as a pair of lesbian vamps hold her down and strip her clothes off. But that's not the only time we get boobies and bush from Monica. When she's dead, a blind dude decides to skip the autopsy and go straight to fondling her cooch. You can autopsy, but we don't know about autop-touching! But it was Irina who really brought the heat in this one. She shows all three B's while doing a little pillow humping to satisfy her urges, in a scene that'll have you wondering what it ould like to have her fang scrape your wang! Then, she ends up tied to a wall naked and we get a second peek! The bloodsuckers are absolute babes in Female Vampires!