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Fatal Blade

Fatal Blade (2000)

Brief Nudity


Gary Daniels is a Los Angeles lawman taking on the Yakuza in Fatal Blade (2000), and so far the investigation isn't going so well. That's because a hitman (Kiyoshi Nakajo) swooped in right under his nose and sliced up a bunch of the mobsters with his sword. Against the wishes of his po-po honcho Jack McGee, Gary decides to immerse himself even further in the criminal underworld. But the slayer swordsman strikes again, this time taking out Gary's partner and setting him on a vengeance-obsessed quest. Meanwhile, Kiyoshi's on a quest of his own, planning to get stabby with nightclub owner Victor Rivers, whose hands are all over his girlfriend Seiko Matsuda's untimely trip to the beyond. Your hands, in the meantime, will be all over your blade when LoriDawn Messuri bares her fatally fabulous funbags.