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Exotica (1994)

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Atom Egoyan's mysterious erotic thriller Exotica (1994) winds through the seemingly disconnected worlds of the broken souls who frequent Toronto's fictitious Exotica strip club. Exotica is where Christina (Mia Kirshner) dances in her schoolgirl costume for the constantly sullen Francis (Bruce Greenwood), who wants not part of getting a lapdance from any of the other strippers. The club DJ, Eric (Elias Koteas) is jealous, because he's her ex, but that relationship turned sour when Eric knocked up the club owner (Arsinée Khanjian). Francis is all sorts of weird, from hiring a babysitter (Sarah Polley) despite not having kids, to his job investigating a pet shop for illegally smuggling animals. So when Eric gets Francis banned from the club, Francis is out for revenge. The plot might seem straightforward but when we start to see all the interesting ways these people's lives are connected, things really get intriguing. Well, in fairness, things were pretty intriguing from the beginning, since the movie's about a strip club, and we see some super seductive strippers showing their tits for tips. But with all due respect to Arsinee Khanjian's cans, which are gently smothered by a loose, pink bra in one super scene, this one's all about Miss Kirshner. We'd spend tons of time at Exotica too after seeing Mia hike up her schoolgirl shirt and unbutton her blouse. Mia's mams are tremendous in all of her dancing scenes, while watching her raise the skirt to flash ass will have you begging for a school girl to teach you all about the birds and the bees. Ass is in session! Thanks to that school uniform that'll make you drool to Mia's female form, Exotica's as hot as any piece of erotica!