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La Baston

La Baston (1985)

Great Nudity!


La Baston (1985) is a French crime drama about a petty thief named Rene who is released from prison and vows to leave his thieving ways behind him. When his young son gets sick and needs medical attention however, Rene takes an offer to crack a safe at a private villa. Unbeknownst to him, however, is the fact that he is just a decoy for a much larger crime being pulled off, and must now try and escape from the law and get the money to save his son.  Rene's wife is played by Veronique Genest, and she is a sight for sore eyes in this film. Veronique gives us the full frontal treatment flashing her fun bags and fur as she wanders around her bedroom in the buff. This French fox looks fetching in the altogether, and you'll be flogging your dong when you get a load of her bangin' body! La Baston will have you beating your baton!