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Emmanuelle in Space: A World of Desire

Emmanuelle in Space: A World of Desire (1994)

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Softcore stunner Emmanuelle is back and more asstronomically alluring than ever in Emmanuelle in Space: A World of Desire (1994). As part of the Emmanuelle in Space series, this television movie launches Uranus (and other planets) onto the small screen. The out-of-this-world adventures of Emmanuelle (Krista Allen) can be viewed via the titular heroine’s celestial body, heavenly globes, and tight wormhole! Abducted by a beefcake breed of aliens looking for instruction in “sexual human desire,” Emmanuelle rockets to ecstasy again and again with a sampling of humans and aliens, both of the male and female kind. Needless to say, the sexy brunette isn’t shy about shedding her threads. In fact, she flashes her gravity-defying rack just 19 minutes into the movie. Later, we’re treated to views of her big nude boobs and manicured muff when the naked babe gets laid. Yes, everywhere Emmanuelle goes, people drop their clothes — and everyone gets some action, including Haffron (Paul Michael Robinson), the captain of the spacecraft; the space thing (John Kada) who has a hot fling with a sexy stable girl (Angela Cornell); and an E.T. (Debra K. Beatty) with galactically great T&A. If that’s not erotic enough, the flick also depicts gypsy girls, French maids, and everyone else under the yellow dwarf sun. The film also features Holly Hollywood, Kimberly Rowe, Lori Morrissey, Tami Simsek, and the bare chests on Priscilla Choi and Delphine Pacific. Breast of all, Joy Figueroa goes full frontal. What else would you expect from a character called Gashra?!