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Pola X (1999)

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Writers are weird guys, evidently. In no other profession would the behavior of the protagonist in Pola X (1999) be acceptable. Though he is graciously compensated financially for his popular works of fiction, the hero of Pola X remains living at home with his mother and addresses her in an overly familiar and affectionate manner, as if flirting with the idea of seducing her. Of course, Mom is played by Catherine Deneuve, and who among us can imagine moving away from her beauteous build and face unless made to under extreme duress? The Pola X novelist is finally drawn away from the maternal embrace by the ungodly come-on of a long-lost half sister who is more than willing to become wholly depraved. Abominations multiply, and the writer has the plot for his next masterpiece. If you're looking for more female meat, you can see the gorgeous likes of Delphine Chuillot showing off her floppy chest flaps as she reclines in bed. Then there's Catherine's scene at the 45-minute mark that show's Cathy's impressive rack getting some screen time as the lovely gal enjoys a bath. Nothing is better than the skin show from Yekaterina Golubeva who shows off her (or her stunt doubles) breasts, butt, and bush at the 79 minute mark. The first bit is her, but it's likely NOT Yekaterina herself that treats us to the real 3B show. It's fine with Mr. Skin, especially because the scene is almost a minute and a half long. Might as well call it Pola XXX!