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The Diary 2

The Diary 2 (1999)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


The Diary 2 (1999) is a followup where a doctor is hired to help a woman's paralyzed husband heal. In order to pay for this personal doctor, she takes a job as a stripper and a prostitute. Unfortunately, her husband falls in love with the doctor during their sessions. This movie has so many women in their corsets and no underwear. Everyone shows off their bush and we are loving it! Kirsty Smith wears lingerie when she walks into an office to have some sensual office sex. She's hard at work taking off her thong to show that bush. Kellie Priestly lezzes out with Lila Baumann, rubbing beans to make each other moan. We get more bush from Allison Amberley who plays the maid - what a sexy maid! We want to hire her after watching her three-minute seductive dancer in a harness. The naughty Nikki Inwood gives a lucky man a lapdance to turn him on for sex. Lastly, Maria Gleikh wears a bustier and no underwear. Now that's fashion! She takes it all off for sex which is definitely something to write in a diary about.