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Easy (2016-2019)

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Joe Swanberg’s star-studded Netflix series Easy easily has some of the best nudity on the streaming service, and that’s saying a lot! The series follows the lives of 20 and 30 somethings living in Chicago as they ponder family, relationships, and jobs, and engage in oh so much sex. With his work normally seen on the big screen, Swanberg adheres his signature meandering, pensive, and lighthearted musings on the larger questions in life to the 30-minute episodes. Each one features a different storyline with a fresh cast of A-list hotties. Swanberg’s eye for eye candy is on point once again (Brie Larson, Anna Kendrick, and Olivia Wilde starred in 2015’s Digging for Fire) but this time the ladies take it off in a major way! The embarrassment of riches in season one features some hot lesbian action between equally boobs and buns-out actresses Kate Micucci and Malin Åkerman, as well as nudity from Elizabeth Reaser, Aislinn Derbez, Jacqueline Toboni, and more! Season two kept up the nude tradition, adding a topless group performance piece, breast out scenes for Lindsay Burdge and Elizabeth Reaser, and fantastic full frontal/masturbation from season MVP Karley Sciortino! Emily Ratajkowski also gets busy with Marc Maron and takes photos of herself in underwear - lucky him!

The second season saw nudity from more of the above favorites like Elizabeth and Kate, but we also saw nudecomers like Becca Brown, Whitney Masters, Sid Branca, Cruel Valentine, Alexandra Marzella, and Yana Atim all get naked for a performance art piece that covers their bodies in paint. Zazie Beetzhas pokies to Beetz-off to while Aubrey Plaza makes an underwear-clad appearance. Jeez Loueez plays herself, a saucy burlesque dancer, as does the sexy dancer Po'Chop while Jaz Sinclair is a character dancer in her lingerie. Erin Alexandria Silverman is hot in bed when she rolls around with a man topless.

The third season brings back all of our naked favorites and introduces us to Lydia House's globes and Stephanie Branco's breasts. Jane Adams gets lucky, too, and shows off her underwear when she gets dressed after the fact. Gugu Mbatha-Raw will make you feel raw inside when you see her ass in a tight, wet bathing suit. We're gaga for Gugu in her bra and panties, too!Kiersey Clemons, Jacqueline Toboni, Kenzie Siebert, and Sophia Bush all engage in lesbian lovemaking that shows some boobs and bras along the way.Marika Engelhardtplays a detective who has to investigate a BDSM party, so she obviously HAS to go undercover. She solved the mystery of what she looks like in lingerie, wielding a whip. All of this and more sex in all three seasons of Easy.Easy, breezy, boobyful!


Jane Adams

Nude - as Annabelle Jones

8 Pics & 3 Clips
Yana Atim

Nude - as Performance Artist 5

1 Pic & 1 Clip
Sid Branca

Nude - as Performance Artist 1

1 Clip
Becca Brown

Nude - as Performance Artist 4

1 Pic & 1 Clip
Sophia Bush

Sexy - as Alexandria

3 Pics & 1 Clip
Marika Engelhardt

Sexy - as Detective Lindsay

2 Pics & 2 Clips
Jeez Loueez


Lawnyae Marie

Nude - as Club Woman

4 Pics & 2 Clips
Alexandra Marzella

Nude - as Alexandra / Herself

5 Pics & 2 Clips
Whitney Masters

Nude - as Performance Artist 3

1 Pic & 1 Clip

Sexy - as Herself

1 Pic
Emily Ratajkowski

Sexy - as Allison Lizowska

5 Pics & 1 Clip
Cruel Valentine

Nude - as Performance Artist 2

1 Clip
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