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Diamonds To Dust (2014)

Brief Nudity

Diamonds To Dust (2014) tells the story of actress Jayne Mansfield based on the book by Frank Ferruccio. The actress's tragic tale follows her rise to stardom and all of her comparisons to Marilyn Monroe which causes so many to write her off despite her obvious talents and beauty. This 1960s queen was a bonafide genius and a talent, but the public thought she was just another dumb blond. The swingin' sixties were tumultuous for the actress who struggled for respect until her life came to an abrupt end in a horrible accident. There's nothing awful about the hotness of Hailey Heisick who does Ms. Mansfield total justice from her bleach blond hair to her bodacious rack. She's a total diamond when she shows off major cleavage at a movie premiere and again when she famously introduces herself to Sophia Loren who can't stop eyeing Hailey's huge hooters. Hailey shows constant cleavage in this movie which is certainly an ode to the big boobed actress herself, but when she is in her bathing suit Mr. Skin gets to really ogle her firm figure. Later on in bed Hailey Heisick has her nightgown pulled down to reveal a little nibble of her left nipple. She then shows impressive left sideboob as she presses down on her lucky man. She knows how to make Mr. Skin jealous! She later disrobes to reveal her bra and girdle underneath, some tantalizing lingerie that makes Mr. Skin want to have his way with her. She finally shows off more boobage when she recreates the "Promises, Promises" bathtub scene with Hailey in a playful bubble bath. Mr. Skin can spot her left breast, her booty, and eventually her right boobie as well. This film is full of cleavage and lingerie, but once again Hailey shows off her bra and panties when she is in the hallway having a drug trip. Who needs drugs to trip when Mr. Skin is beside himself ogling her hourglass figure? Hailey gives some more cleavage when she is in bed with a blanket loosely pulled over her chest, but she gets out of bed naked to show a glimpse of her butt and chest before she swiftly walks off. With all of these skintastic scenes, Mr. Skin thinks that Hailey deserves even more fame than her gorgeous predecessor.

Hailey Heisick

Nude - as Jayne Mansfield

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