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Der Tourist

Der Tourist (1995)

No Nudity


Police inspector Robert Lanz (Dominic Raacke) is on the trail of an elusive serial killer who likes to strike while he is on vacation. After making his kill, he sends a post card to the inspector with the words “Wish you were here” on it. When the killer shows up in Lanz’s home town of London he springs into action, but the killer dies in a fall before he can catch him. Assuming the case is closed, the inspector and his wife take a much needed vacation only to find out that the danger isn't over just yet.

Der Tourist (1995) is a little short on nudity, but there is one scene that will have you inspecting your private region as you get ready to take a vacation to pleasuretown. In this scene the buxom, blonde Eva Haßmann is in her room dressing. We see her in a very tight, very sexy outfit that shows ample cleavage and some serious cheekage. As she struggles to pull up her dress her heavy hangers jiggle nicely. One look at Ms. Haßmann’s dangerous curves and you will roughing up the suspect in your pants.