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Die Spur führt ins Verderben

Die Spur führt ins Verderben (1993)

Great Nudity!


In the TV movie, Die Spur führt ins Verderben (1993), the story follows a Romantic literature professor, Dr. Potter, whose only action in life exists through the books he reads and teaches. But one day, the woman of his dreams, someone strikingly akin to an Edgar Allan Poe character, appears before his very eyes. Dr. Potter discovers that he is actually reliving the very Poe tale that this girl is from, once he decides to follow her into the red light district of the city. The girl was actually luring him into an elaborate trap the entire time, and now it’s too late for him to get out.

Stephanie Philipp plays the girl, Annabel Lee, who, when she goes into the redlight district, has some sexy stage dancing scenes. She has a snake wrapped around her while she sports a full body fishnet suit that lets us see her giant gazongas and glutes. Can you blame Dr. Potter? I think almost any guy would fall into her trap.