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With a name like Crippy Yocardo, she has to be good, and she is even better. Just take a gander at this act-chest’s first screen credit in the Italian film La nipote del prete (1976). She spends so much time naked in this movie that you’ll be embarrassed when you see her wearing clothing. But don’t worry, that won’t last long. She’s naked so much that we feel on an intimate basis with each of her naughty bits. From her dark patch of overgrown bush, in striking contrast to the blonde hair on her head, to her pert pair and full ass, we are so happy to see them we’re shaking our hand with our penis in greeting. 

Top Scenes

La nipote del prete (1976) Nude, breasts, bush 00:38:00 Full-frontal niceness as she jogs in the woods up to a gaggle of disturbing-looking men. Then some good clear boob shots as she talks to them while doing some goofy calisthenics. (53 secs)
La nipote del prete (1976) Nude, breasts, bush 00:09:00 Full frontal nude through binoculars as Crippy works in her outdoor garden. That's one mighty black bush on this very blonde babe! (38 secs)
La nipote del prete (1976) Nude, breasts, bush 00:51:00 Crippy's passed out on a bed while some guy strips her and then tries to hide behind her as a gun-wielding woman walks in. We see extensive titties and a hint of lap-lint above her panties. (2 mins 38 secs)
La nipote del prete (1976) Nude, butt 00:08:00 Nice big bumcakes as an old lady helps get her nightgown on. Then a priest bursts in. Holy blueballs! (8 secs)
La nipote del prete (1976) Nude, breasts 00:27:00 Hootage in a hayloft as she strips for sex, has some, then basks in the farm-scented afterglow...before a bunch of horny teens show up to hoot and leer. (2 mins)


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