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Creeper (2012)

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You know those girls who were always teasing the outcasts by making sexual advances, just to expose their ruse to embarrass the gullible nerds of the world who thought they somehow had a shot with the thot? Well, prepare to see those girls brutally murdered in the horror flick Creeper (2012)! Erica (Monica Chambers) and Cally (Rohnja Morrow) are a pair of gals who pass the time by teasing a medicated social media admirer named Jerry Tobin (Darryl Baldwin). Eventually they lure him to a secluded area, have their boyfriends beat him up, and start distributing his sexual videos on the Internet to humiliate him. Girl power! Another creep taken care of! Only, a year after they last saw the humiliated hornball online, the now medicine-free psychopath comes back into their lives, but not at all how they expected. He's gotten in better shape, learned how to use the internet to his advantage, and is fully intent on having his revenge on the harlots who were so awful to him. Uh oh, Jerry has become very dangerous! While things get pretty messy in this gore fest, they’ll be even messier in your pants as Creeper gives us terabytes of tits, tush, and trim! Watch as Tara Dane, Brittney Cardella, and Rohnja Morror go full frontal in a sexy shower scene they use to seduce Jerry via webcam. Later, Tara will show all three B's as she wanders naked around her room until Jerry grabs her and uses the chloroform. Caitlin Bond wakes up in a tent in the buff showing off bush and boobs, while a completely naked Monica Chambers gets tortured in a chair. You don't have to worry about it being a big prank adding those chicks to your spank bank! Creeper will have your hand creeping down your pants!