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Creep (1995)

Great Nudity!

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If a criminally insane inmate plans on breaking out from prison and hopes to prosper in the outside world, he'd better hope to have a few advantages available to him outside the walls. Once he leaves the restraining bars behind, the psycho escapee of Creep (1995) is fortunate enough to hook up with his stripper sister. Her sympathy for him may be less than absolute, but their obsessive attachment is as strong as dirt. The dysfunction-twined siblings embark upon a series of adventures that invariably leave behind a trail of dead and gruesomely hacked bodies. A lawman with a harrowing history of his own is sucked along in the wake of this homicidal orgy. Can the cop curb the killers before their slaughter of foreplay blossoms into a full-scale holocaust of a love affair?