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Dark (2015)

Great Nudity!

Dark (2015), a crowd-funded film by Nick Basile, is all about the day New York City went dark in 2003 during the infamous blackout that lasted all night. In this fictional recount of those opaque hours, a woman named Kate (Whitney Able) is left alone in her girlfriend's apartment while she's out of town on a photography trip. Kate, a beautiful blonde ex-model and yoga teacher, has had a tumultuous past and suffers from depression among other things, meaning the utter blackness of her building puts her in full-on paranoia. Convinced someone is stalking her, Kate begins an all-night struggle to survive both her building and herself.  Luckily Kate's life isn't all bleak, and we're treated a to a sultry, Sapphic sex scene between her and her girlfriend (Alexandra Breckenridge). The fun begins when Alexandra mounts a very topless Whitney in bed, showing off her Breckenridges while the two roll around in the sheets. We see Whitney's pleasure pillows again when she goes for a float in the tub, and Eunice Ahn makes a cameo as a lingerie-clad model. The night may be dark, but your evening looks pretty bright.

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