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Carol (2015)

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Based on an award-winning novel written under a pseudonym back in 1952, Carol (2015) is a high class lesbian drama that earned all sorts of critical praise and Oscar nominations upon its release. Not like those girl on girl flicks you usually release to! Set in 1952, Therese (Rooney Mara) is a young photographer working as a shopkeeper in Manhattan when Carol (Cate Blanchett) shows up to buy her daughter a Christmas present. Therese's boyfriend bores her, largely because she's a raging lesbian, and Carol is going through a nasty divorce, likely because she's also a raging lesbian. So when Carol leaves her gloves behind at the store, and meets with Therese to thank her for recovering them, the two connect on a deeper level and agree to take a road trip together. When they fight and a private investigator claims to have proof of their affair, Carol's custody of her daughter is seriously threatened by her husband's accusations of lesbianism, so she returns home to fight for her daughter. Will these two lady lovers manage to fight off societal norms and homophobic laws to end up together? Will the fifties be too much for them, and they'll both resign to life as a sexually unsatisfied housewife? Would the forget the glove trick work for a dude trying to give the girl at the counter his dick? Watch to find out! Luckily, we don't need to be Private I's to get our eyes on these ladies' privates. There is a long, super Sapphic scene between the two leads where we get to see both of their boobs. Rooney's the one who flashes the most, with Cate teaching her the pleasures of having an older lesbian between your legs. Cate shows a bit of tit, too, but she makes you earn every view with some clever body blocking. Three cheers for how much society has progressed since the 50's. But if you want to watch a drama to see just how bad things were before girl on girl was mainstream, that still lets you see how two A-listers can have sexual fun with no need of a mister, take a look at Carol!