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Picture of Beauty

Picture of Beauty (2017)

Great Nudity!

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If you’re a fan of unsimulated sex (and who isn’t?) as well as high art, then the British flick Picture of Beauty (2017) is just the ticket. Thanks to this risqué romance, you will embark on a sexual exploration of how the artists of the early 20th century encouraged the amorous awakenings of many women. Thanks, mates! As these artists pass through small towns, they open up the minds (among other parts of the anatomy) of every female muse they encounter — many of whom discover the true power of passion and love and all of that other good stuff! The Maxim Ford movie features Magdalena Bochan-Jachimek, Pawel Hajnos, and lots of skin! As prostitutes who pose for a painting, Misha Czumaczenko and Lidia Banach bare some fantastic full frontal nudity. Not to be upstaged, naked babes Elen Moore and Danielle Rose show off their boobs, pubes, and booties while changing their clothes. If that’s not erotic enough, the latter lady also doffs her duds outdoors to go skinny-dipping. In fact, she reveals her breasts, bush and bum as she enjoys some lesbian fun with sexy brunette Taylor Sands, who just happens to be swimming in her birthday suit. Later, Ms. Sands has un-simulated sex with a bloke on camera! The skintastic act showcases the bare beauty’s rack, back, ass, and hairy snatch. Needless to say, she’s a catch! We’re not sure how well this film did at the box office, but in Mr. Skin’s spank bank, it definitely generated major interest!