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A Private War

A Private War (2018)

Great Nudity!

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Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman famously said, “War is hell.”  While that is the case, we must add that the nudity in A Private War (2018) is heavenly! Based on Marie Brenner’s 2012 article in Vanity Fair and co-produced by Charlize Theron, the biopic follows American journalist Marie Colvin on her missions as a foreign affairs correspondent. Of course, you can forget about saluting this hero since you’ll be doing the five knuckle shuffle when watching the R-rated flick. Throughout the course of the eyepatch-donning eyeful’s story, audiences vicariously visit the most dangerous places on earth while getting to peek at Rosamund Pike’s naked peaks! We’re guessing that’s why the sexy thespian scored a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress — and a little statuette in Mr. Skin’s pants! In addition to her globes, Ms. Pike shows off her dramatic acting chops as well as her three Bs. And by that, we don’t mean her three British co-stars Jamie Dornan, Tom Hollander, and Greg Wise. We’re talking about her breasts, bush and bum! In one skinsational scene, we are treated to a full frontal view of Rosamund’s rosy rack and mound as she checks her naked self out in a full length mirror. If that’s not hot enough, the hottie exposes her bare booty! Moments later, she heads for the tub to play rub a dub dub with Stanley Tucci in the water. Suffice it to say, you may find yourself at war with your privates after watching A Private War!