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Before I Forget

Before I Forget (2021)

No Nudity

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Alzheimer's disease is a terribly sad way to check out of this world and for 65 year old Pascual Leon (Damián Alcázar), a retired man who lives alone, he knows it's only getting worse as the clock ticks on. Instead of letting his slipping mind fade away without any closure or lasting purpose in his waning days, he comes to the decision that settling an old score, Before I Forget, for him that is. So the aging and forgetful Pascual sets off on a journey of vengeance, killing those responsible for a heinous crime many years ago, but it's not so easy for someone who is forgetting more and more as the days go by.  With each killing though, a young detective Jimena (Paulina Gaitán), she's hot on his trail, but he seemingly knows her as each killing he leaves clues that it is dedicated to her and something that happened in her past!  So she scrambles around the city, trying to piece together the clues of the killings and what event from her past connects the pair that are on opposite ends of the law.  She's slowing remembering things as the events unfold and he's slowing forgetting everything as he lays his ruthless hand of vigilante justice down in the streets of Old Mexico!  The insanely sex Paulina Gaitán gives us a little bit of skin in this series as well as she's no stranger to stripping down for streaming series having been in Narcos and several other series!