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Luis Miguel: The Series

Luis Miguel: The Series (2018-2021)

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Luis Miguel: The Series (2018) is a Telemundo TV show that Netflix took over after the first season, which brought to life the true story of Mexican singer Luis Miguel through his occasional failures and many successes. While he's notable for having the most top ten hits on Billboard's Latin American charts ever, being one of the few Latin American singers who didn't try to make it big in the USA during the Latin music invasion of the 90's, and for his unique background as the son of an Italian model who grew up in Acapulco, his story is a pretty typical one for musical biographies. Known as "El Sol de Mexico" the show follows Luis (Diego Boneta) from his childhood with an overbearing dad (Oscar Jaenada) obsessed with making him a star, to his first Grammy win at just fourteen years old, to his mother's (Anna Favella) mysterious disappearance from an airport while he was holding a concert, all the way to his transition to adulthood. Each season chronicled about a decade in the singer's life, though we never saw far enough in his journey to watch Diego Boneta date his daughter, which actually happened in real life. As impressive as his musical accomplishments are, for us the most epic thing about Miguel's life is how often he found himself naked with a lot of beautiful babes! Luis has sex with Paulina Davila, who is devilishly sexy, but her boobs are obscured by Luis squeezing her melons like he's juicing them. Damn those jugs look pleasin for the squeezin! Pamela Moreno shows us her mamelas when she is laying in bed on her side, but she's not the only girl who gets in bed with Luis. Florence Rios answers the phone topless after playing Luis' instrument, Fatima Molina shows her fat cans during sex and while smoking after, Mariana Gonzalez flashes her funbags for a rather young Luis, and more! Eventually Pilar Santacruz goes down on him, then sits on top and grinds on his D to her heart's delight. Wish Santa would bring us one of those for Christmas! Speaking of which, for us the best nudity comes from Jade Ewen, who shows her rack and rump while doing Luis, as she portrays none other than his onetime girlfriend, the Queen of Christmas herself, Mariah Carey! Truly one of the GOAT Latin Lotharios if the series is to be believed, all of Luis Miguel's lovers were hot as Hell!