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Unstoppable (2020)

Great Nudity!


You'd think a two-day sabbatical in Oaxaca, Mexico would be about as pleasant of a little weekend trip as you could imagine.  For three mildly spoiled millennials though, it turns into a wild messy show of self discovery when a gun toting fourth girl comes along and hijacks their vacation plans and forces them out of their comfort zones big time!  With it's witty and intelligent writing and shocking twists and turns, this Netflix series takes on ideas like loss, growing up, facing realistic expectations of your future, and sexual chemistry within relationships and flips it on its ear!  Coty Comacho takes the lead as the forcefully hitchhiker and gives us the best look at some nudity in the series to date, by showing off her amazing cans and a thong shot while getting it on with a gent on his couch.  The trio of friends Bárbara López, Tessa Ia, and Lucía Uribe all bring it to the screen as well in various states of sexy undress in either their undies or bikinis throughout the first season!  You get to watch all four of these smoke shows stumble along together on an unflinching journey of discovering who they are to themselves and to each other while taking in the best of old Mexico along the way!