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Bachelor Night

Bachelor Night (2014)

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The zany comedy Bachelor Night (2014) goes down a well-worn path: the out-of-control bachelor party. The twist this time is that the bachelor party crosses paths with an equally out-of-control bachelorette party, and it's up to the best man and the maid of honor to keep their drunken and debauched friends from doing anything they'll regret at the wedding the next day! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, yet somehow this same plot keeps getting reused over and over again, and makes its way to our homes. Thankfully there's plenty of nudity to distract you from how hackneyed this film is! We get to see an awful lot of breasts, particularly the ones belonging to Heather Paige Cohen, Anna Beletzki, Melissa Mensah, Angelica Ng, Shawn Rougeron, Magdalena Tcherno, and even boobs and butt from Megan Albertus! Now that's a boobfest if we've ever seen one! You'll certainly not want to miss the scene where Anna and Melissa go jugs out to compliment one another's breasts. Heather's hooters also look hellaciously hot as she gets naughty with a lucky guy. Angelica looks positively angelic as a stewardess that joins the mile-high club with some guy, giving us some much-appreciated looks at her luscious chest in the process. Then there's the effortlessly hot Magdalena Tcherno. Her skin-ful scene features a strangely lucky, sassy man in a water fight in the hot tub. Mag is there along with another hottie. Both of their boobs are out and bobbing. Bachelor Night will leave you throbbing!