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Alpha House (2014)

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Not to be confused with Amazon's political comedy of the same name, Alpha House (2014) is a college comedy brought to you by The Asylum, a production company famous for its just different enough to not get sued "mockbusters" like the totally unrelated to Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) movie Ape Vs. Monster (2021). Not a ripoff of any other flick but certainly not stunningly original, in Alpha House two dweeby freshman (Julien Ari and Chris O'Brien) decide to pledge to the wildest frat on campus. They think they've got it made, but unfortunately, the crusty old dean has other plans. He makes the party frat share a house with a sorority, neither of which are all that happy about the situation. An epic battle will now be waged by both sides to try and get the other group to leave, so they can reclaim what is rightly theirs! Lots of people hated the film, with many failing to grasp why a bunch of frat boys would be mad to have a potential booty call living just down the hall. But there's no way you won't enjoy the film, since it features an over the top amount of toplessness. Whether it's Jessica Sonneborn laying out the dean's plans while getting laid via some deskside doggy style, Mindy Robinson, Nina Kate, Sam Aotaki and Jacquelina Cardinale having one of those topless pillow fights we're convinced girls do when we're not around, Heather Paige Cohn examining all three B's in the mirror, or Vanessa Sheri using her jugs to distract during beer pong, the film features more naked ladies than you can shake a stick at! With all those comely coeds kicking around, one day in the Alpha House would turn us into a serious master-beta! From naked sushi, naked yoga, to just good old fashioned nakedness, this movie's got it all! Alpha House will make you wanna Kappa Feel-a!