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Grimewave (2013)

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The campy horror flick Grimewave (2013) is actually the third in a series of movies about a dude with a dildo stuck on his face who goes around slaughtering anyone who pisses him off. This one follows the hero of the series, the Cockface Killer (Jason Beckhouse), or CFK for short, as the crazed maniac makes his way to The Big Easy. While there, Cockface stumbles upon a drug deal and kills everyone. Now, all the rival gang leaders in New Orleans have to work together to "beat off" the psycho before he puts and end to their business dealings. From the Asian gang leader Big Wang (Anthony Carias) to biker boss Russ T. Knuts (Justin Huber), no criminal with a cock pun for a name is safe from the circumcision like precision of the man who does wrong, with a face that's a dong. Cockface isn’t the only one who will be throbbing during this flick. Playing a masseuse named Me So Phoney, Jessica Bingham lets her bigums jiggle as a guy takes her from behind. As a meth whore, Methy Magee hangs out with some bikers while totally nude. When she gets up and walks around we get a nice look at the 3 B’s (boobs, bush, and butt). Wild chick Grub Muffin rubs her muff in a port-a-pottie, letting us check out her boobs and bush before she gets up and walks away. Zehla Pandemonium shows her perky tits while she hangs out with a guy. topless. We get boobs and butt from Florance Farris as Pi Ong Yu, a not so classy woman that a biker nails in a warehouse. Most of the fun comes from the sex based puns, but Grimewave has plenty of nudity to keep your stiff attention.