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Åpen framtid (1983)

Great Nudity!

Set in the 1960s, the Norwegian drama Åpen framtid (1983) co-stars Thomas Robsahm as Pål, a teenager with a promising future. The desire to rebel against the status quo becomes too much, and Pål, along with his friends Erik and Ruth (Are Sjaastad and Julie Wiggen), begin to experiment with life—they form a band, smoke weed, have sex, get loaded and ditch school. As the three teens try to find their way in the world, Julie Wiggen finds a way to our hearts by showing some amazing T&A during a skinny dipping scene. Also, Julie shows her perfect-nipped nobblers while getting humped by her horny buddy. Julie Wiggen will definitely give you some Norwegian wood!

Julie Wiggen

Nude - as Ruth

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