What Do Amy Winehouse and Notorious Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory Have in Common? It Might Be More Than Poofy Black Hair and a Ghostly Pallor .

Amy Winehouse had blood delivered yesterday. Human blood. To her home.

Ordinarily, one must travel to a properly recognized medical facility to have other people’s plasma brought forth, presumably, for bodily consumption.

And it could be that skin-popping chart-topper Amy Winehouse just needed a fresh injection of the red stuff to keep her pumping (as was rumored to be Keith Richards’ semi-regular intravenous elixir of choice).

But considering how crowded Amy’s veins may very well be at any given moment, could it be that she’d partake of sanguine treats in some other manner, perhaps even something sexy?

With her oft-waxen appearance, Amy Winehouse has frequently (and understandably) been compared to “the walking dead.”

However, Amy’s nocturnal hours, pitch-black bouffant, jagged incisors, and apparent ability to withstand toxic assaults that would annihilate even the most robustly healthy physical specimens link her, more specifically, to the vampiric realm of undeadness.

And now she’s receiving human blood, in undisclosed amounts, being directly shipped to her private lair.

On the one hand, it’s easy enough to imagine Amy Winehouse as a simple succubus on the order of Catherine Deneuve (seducing Susan Sarandon, above) in The Hunger, Soledad Miranda in Vampyros Lesbos, Cristina Ferrare in Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary, or Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith at the end of Lemora.

Ingrid Pitt in Countess Dracula But given that Amy’s normal level of anti-strength resembles Udo Kier’s when he’s deprived of “werr-jins” in Blood for Dracula, it’s easier to imagine the Lady Winehouse bathing in the gory glop rather than having it interfere with her seeming nonstop alcohol imbibing.

On that front, Amy brings to mind the skinfamous Countess Elizabeth Bathory who, it was rumored, soaked in tubs filled with the blood of female virgins in an effort to achieve eternal youth.

Think about it: something unworldly has to be keeping Amy Winehouse among the breathing. And then we see that Urgent Blood Scooter pull up to her doorstep .

Pascale Christophe in Immoral TalesPerhaps someday, Countess Bloodhouse will be immortalized in film the way the original Bathory has been so many times to date.

Paloma Picasso most memorably portrayed the noble villainess in the gland-mark arthouse freak-out Immoral Tales (pictured here with fresh victim Pascale Christophe).

Ingid Pitt (above) also vividly played a Bathory variation in Countess Dracula.

Now we just await the release of Julie Delpy’s upcoming biopic, which she also wrote and directed.

Last Halloween, Mr. Skin ran a spotlight feature titled Blood Bathory that detailed the comeplete history of The Bloody Countess on the big screen, including the homage to her in Hostel II that features Monika Malacova as “Mrs. Bathory” and real-life lesbian Heather “Wienerdog” Matarazzo as her leaking victim (watch the clip at the top of the page).

Who should play Amy Winehouse in the inevitable cinematic retelling of this latest sanguinary outrage? Leave us a comment with your most bloody brilliant ideas.