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Mary Mary, Bloody Mary

Mary Mary, Bloody Mary (1975)

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Hemoglobin is thicker than H2O, especially in the insane father-daughter dynamic that plays out in Mary Mary, Bloody Mary (1975). An updated retelling of the vampire myth, this Mexican-made study in red casts an otherworldly beauty (the archetypal supermodel Cristina Ferrare) as Mary, a woman driving through rural Mexico whose car breaks down, forcing her to spend the night with the mysterious Ben (David Young) in an abandoned house. Uh oh, or not since it ends up Ben's a pretty basic bro and Mary is a lesbian vampire who enjoys spending time with her new man. Letting him stick around and stick it in her, she sucks the blood out of the locals for a while, but then her vampire dad (John Carradine) shows up and things go sideways. He's wearing a mask and claiming that her vampire lifestyle can only lead to her becoming a monster like him, but she doesn't seem all that concerned. She's going to keep sucking and sexing her way across Mexico whether her daddy likes it or not! We like it, since Mary, Mary is hot, hot, hot! She might eventually ditch Ben since he's kind of a bore, but not before she's shown him her boobs and gone for a ride on top of his trouser-stake! But she's not just into the XY's, she's more than happy to have sex with the XX, since we get an even better look at her rack while she lets a young lady strip her down in front of a mirror. How does she have a reflection? Who cares when the scene gives us a massive erection? Then, we see all three B's from Helena Rojo as she strips down to join Mary in a giant bathtub! Oh, we're positive you'll those Boo-B's are just your type! Mary, Mary, is bloody bonerific!