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Blood for Dracula

Blood for Dracula (1974)

Great Nudity!

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Trouble is brewin’ in Blood for Dracula (1974), a ’70s camp classic that focuses on the famous vampire in new and inspired ways. It seems that the poor count (Udo Kier) cannot find enough virgin blood to keep himself alive. So, along with his faithful assistant (Arno Juerging), Drac decamps for Italy where he’s heard there are virgins aplenty thanks to the country’s devout Catholicism. As fate would have it, Dracula and his manservant happen upon a farmhouse that harbors not one but four virgins! At least, we think the di Fiore sisters (including Maxime McKendry and Milena Vukotic) are pure even though some don’t behave that way. Take Rubinia di Fiore (Stefania Casini). The svelte stunner rolls around in the nude with her dude. As such, we get to see everything from her pink-nosed puppies to her perky posterior to her thick, velvety poonanny. Later, Stefania goes full frontal while scrubbing up in the tub. Rub a dub dub! If that’s not arousing enough, she holds a topless Saphiria di Fiore (Dominique Darel) gently on the bed. We don’t know why her breasts are out, but we’re definitely not complaining. In fact, Ms. Darel and Ms. Casini’s characters reveal their flesh as well as their lesbian preferences when they share a Sapphic smooch! Perhaps that’s because Saphiria earlier encountered Mario Balato (Joe Dallesandro), a male worker who roughly rips her dress to expose her chest. In other words, while there is Blood for Dracula, there are bare boobs for audience members!