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Amongst Men

Amongst Men (2020)

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Let's take a step back in time to the 1990s in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  For those who don't know, this was the heyday of mobster/gang rule in the South American city, where the police force is basically ruled by corrupt officials, who get their pockets lined with millions of dollars by the bad guys.  Like any good dark period in history though, the people in power always have secrets and sometimes those secrets are dangerous enough to destroy them and those around them, so information on your enemies is a form of currency in the underworld.  Powerful men also have naughty tastes, so when a group of trans and female sex workers get invited through their manager to go to a party of a ranking Senator, they assume it's going to be a normal night for them, a feast of flesh for some pervy old men.  The night starts out exactly as such with Yiyi (Bianca Oliveti), Dalila (Mirian Moretti), and Marilú (Maryanne Procachini) the center of a cocaine fueled orgy by a handful of old men, throwing drinks and rails of coke down their throats and up their noses while hot swapping girls between each other.  That is until Yiyi's heart reaches her breaking point and she drops dead from an overdose!  Now these powerful men throw these ladies of the night back out onto the street, where their pimp promptly decides to murder the whole lot of them to avoid too much trouble.  Little does anyone know though, that Senator would be assassinated shortly thereafter and the whole night was secretly recorded behind a double mirror!  So the scamble to find the tape Amongst Men who were there and took part turns into a bloody murder spree all around Southern Metropolitan Buenos Aires in the HBO Max series!  With plenty of Nude-Comer debuts from the ladies above, this show is bound to be a new fan favorite!